Ruby Matthews is amongst the primary figures in Sex Education.

Ruby Matthews is amongst the primary figures in Sex Education.

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This woman is portrayed by Mimi Keene.

She is introduced into the episode that is first of show while the tacit frontrunner associated with the “Untouchables”, a gang of all popular pupils.

Through the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Episode 5 Edit

In Episode 5 “Named & Shamed”, Ruby would go to fulfill Maeve after a photo circulated around school of the hairy vagina. She admits that it is hers and implores her assistance plus the assistance of Otis to find the one who disseminated the image.

Period 2 Edit

Episode 2.6 Edit

In Episode 2.6 “Gathering”, whenever Eric attempts welcoming visitors to Otis’s “small gathering”, Ruby is initially averse to the invite. But, upon realizing that Rahim would quickly attend, Ruby changes her head. During the midst regarding the celebration, she actually is seen dancing within the home. An otis that is drunken and gets straight down along with her.

Episode 2.7 Edit

It really is revealed in Episode 2.7 “The Girl-fast Club”, the 2 had sex that is consensual but whether a contraceptive ended up being used is in concern. The early morning after the celebration, Otis attends college and it is in a chemistry course. It really is at the moment he hears Ruby exterior, throwing pebbles in the screen to attract their attention. Outside, Ruby discloses that she really is actually “96.5” percent certain that a condom had been utilized in their intercourse, which departs from her initial “99” per cent certainty.

Relationships Edit

Love Interests and Intimate lovers Edit

Tom Baker Edit

Ruby dated Tom Baker aka “Warhammer Tom” for per week before dumping him on the pretext that he smelled like crisps but more concretely, she did not enjoy their business. Frustrated, he will later on deliver an image of her to Kyle whom did not genuinely believe that Tom had intercourse with Ruby.

Otis Milburn Edit

During season 1, Otis and Ruby never interact exept during episode 5 during that he and Maeve can help her determine the one who delivered the complete school a compromising photo of by herself.

Their interactions in period 2 are yet again almost non-existent, however their relationship has a many unanticipated change whenever, after episode 6 (and an event a touch too alcoholic), Otis wakes up in a hangover to his bed and Ruby by his part. She casually verifies to him that that they had sex yesterday evening but that she cannot get the condom, which worries Otis significantly. She will later acknowledge that this woman is maybe not certain that their sex have now been protected. The 2 then head to a pharmacy to have a early morning after tablet. If Ruby is reluctant in the beginning to enter it, Otis’ arguments will convince her eventually. Throughout the questionnaire to search for the capsule, Otis learns from Ruby’s very own mouth that her daddy happens to be putting up with for just one 12 months from “multiple sclerosis” (MS), an ailment impacting the nervous system and which could induce permanent real incapacity within the patient as well as in the worst situation, their death.

The feeling of being passionately loved after getting the pill, Otis will worry about whether Ruby was consenting at the time of their intercourse, to which she will answer yes, justifying this by her habit of sleeping with “nerdy boys” when she is sad, which gives her for a short time. Otis reveals to her that this was his initial intercourse that is sexual asks her in regards to the standard of their performance. Amazed, she replies he had not been great although not terrible either.

Otis asks if her dad’s infection is causing her sadness. He is answered by her yes but immediately diverts the subject of the discussion by accusing too little symmetry inside her eyebrows after epilating them. Playing the overall game, Otis replies that he finds them extremely also. Ruby smiles for accompanying her, adding that most boys are not as considerate as he is at him and thanks him. Their arc with this period comes to an end with Otis driving Ruby right right back on their bicycle.

Family Edit

Her dad Edit

In episode 2.7, we learn from Ruby’s very very own lips that her daddy happens to be enduring for just one 12 months from “multiple sclerosis” (MS),

A disease affecting the central nervous system and which can lead to permanent physical incapacity in the patient and in the case that is worst, their death. He already needed to stop their work.

Her mom Edit

The deterioration of her spouse’s wellness causes her a complete great deal of anxiety, in accordance with Ruby.

Her grandmother † Edit

The increasing loss of her grandmother seemingly have impacted Ruby, in episode 1.5, she utilizes this tragedy as a quarrel for dating Tom Baker aka “Tom Warhammer” for per week which, she is sad as we learn during the episode 2.7, would correspond to her habit of sleeping with “nerdy boys” when.

Friends Edit

Olivia Hanan Edit

Certainly one of Ruby’s friends

Anwar Edit

Certainly one of Ruby’s buddies

Competitors Edit

Maeve Wiley Edit

Ruby is definitely from the front line with regards to mocking Maeve or calling her by her cruel nickname “Cock Biter” also her solving the case of her leaked vagina pics without expecting any compensation, help for which Ruby of course never thanked them after she and Otis have helped.

During Episode 2.1, Maeve, irritated by Ruby’s behavior, unveiled into the school that is whole the loudspeakers that she ended up being certainly one of her numerous customers for essay plagiarism. Even though the animosity as it seems to have particularly pissed off Maeve between them has so far never been more than a deep mutual contempt, the revelation of Otis having his first sexual intercourse with Ruby may have changed the situation.

Aimee Gibbs Edit

A previous buddy of Ruby until she chooses become with Maeve over “The Untouchables” and renounces by herself through the clique, making herself the goal of the mockeries.

Personality Edit

She will be instead rude to many other pupils, including her friends that are own she’s going to ultimately spend the purchase price whenever her buddy Olivia, aggravated by her incessant mockery, chooses to simply take revenge on her behalf by sharing a compromising selfie from Ruby’s very very own mobile phone. She likes good events, gossips and style that is trendy. She’ s a vegan. She wants to rule and impose her views on other people. Treats every person ahead of time.

Nevertheless, during episode 2.7, Ruby, despite her nasty, arrogant and self-confident woman face, unveiled herself become a more complex character than appearances recommend, by having a dimension that is tragic. She’s reluctant to exhibit just just what she really seems and it is in perpetual control, the absolute most glaring proof being her response whenever Otis asked her about her dad’s numerous sclerosis, although her body gestures quickly betrays her concern, she will not expose her feelings further and instantly make an effort to divert the discussion making use of derision.

Having said that, Ruby is not delighted in love, it is highlighted whenever she states to Otis “when i am unfortunate, we write out with nerdy males.

With me, which feels amazing, until they get clingy and want to show me all their things because they think they’re in love. ” She does not find just just exactly what she actually is interested in in her own lovers and most likely doesn’t always have an extremely idea that is clear of, yet she desires just exactly just what a lot of other people desire: to love also to be liked with passion.

Appearances Edit

  • “Episode 1: “Sex Kid””
  • “Episode 2: “The Home Party””
  • “Episode 3: “Damp””
  • “Episode 5: “Called & Shamed””
  • “Episode 7: “Happily Ever After””
  • “Episode 8: “The Climax””
  • “Episode 2.1: “Outbreak””
  • “Episode 2.2: “Instructors Have Intercourse Too, You Realize? “”
  • “Episode 2.6: “Gathering””
  • “Episode 2.7: “The Girl-fast Club””

Trivia Edit

  • This woman is considered by many people to end up being the prettiest woman at school.
  • She’s always staying with her gang.
  • She most likely has rich moms and dads.
  • In senior school, she ended up being the first to ever get yourself automobile amongst her buddies. (Episode 1: “Sex Kid”)
  • After Maeve, she actually is the 2nd character that is female have shared a minute of closeness with Otis before threatening him with reprisals if he told anybody about this. (Episode 2.7: “The Girl-fast Club”)

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